Mobile Diagnostics Service

Our trained diagnostics enginer (Craig) at J Kelly Services will use the latest technology to find any electrical shorts, broken wires, poor connections, battery drain concerns and much more. A complete diagnostic test is carried out to make sure your vehicle is running smoothly.
We have the most up to date and advanced diagnostic equipment available, capable of reading all makes of commercial vehicle from LGV vans to HGV trucks and trailers . We also carry out most auto electrical work as required.

TEXA is world leader in TRUCK diagnostics with an unrivalled range of products. The NAVIGATOR TXTs is a powerful diagnostic interface that can connect over a Bluetooth link to a PC or to the extraordinary AXONE 4, the most advanced and complete display unit currently available. The AXONE TRUCK SERVICE tool is destined for use in the scheduled maintenance of TRUCKS, buses and trailers. MULTI PEGASO is the ideal multi-purpose work station for TRUCK workshops too.


WABCO also supports the commercial vehicle industry through a comprehensive range of aftermarket services. Through our global network of service partners, diagnostics capabilities, advanced fleet management services, remanufacturing solutions and diverse training programs, We help fleet owners and vehicle operators to enhance the safety and sustain the efficiency of their vehicles on the road.